ETA Notes

Term 3 edition of ETA Notes is now available for ETA members, online through our website publications tab. Print copies will be sent to all members early next week. At 40 pages, there is plenty for you to read in the new edition, and lots of contributions from members. Read about the ETA events held in term 2 & 3 including our state conference, student conference, the AATE conference, and the Kimberley Stories PD. You will also find articles about different resources, strategies and events shared by members, and the next chapter in the ETA history commenced in term 1. Two ETAWA examiners have shared their reflections after their first year of writing exams, and I’ve deliberately placed these alongside our expression of interest information for new examiners. Being an examiner is great PD, and you are well supported by the ETA Exam team throughout the process. I encourage members to consider applying for one of these positions. Applications close on Friday 27th September (end of term). I am now collecting information and articles for the term 4 edition of ETA Notes. All members are encouraged to share your good news stories, teaching success, great programs or activities or reviews of books that would be useful to others. You can read this edition in full colour online, or black and white (with colour covers) in the print version.


Term 1 ETA Notes now online

The term one edition of ETA Notes has been sent to the printer today, so expect to receive it in about a week. In the meantime if you’d like to download an electronic copy, it is now available to our members through the website Just log in with your user name and password and you’ll find it, along with previous editions, in the publications tab at the top of the site. This edition is packed with info about our upcoming conference as well as our student day at the museum.

New publications

We have done a mailout to all members this week, which includes the term 3 edition of ETA Notes and and a new edition of our national journal English in Australia. This likely arrived in schools yesterday, so make sure you take yours home today for holiday reading. This edition of Notes is a short one that is all articles and news only. The new edition of English in Australia looks great, with lots of articles on reading, and different issues in relation to reading in the National Year of Reading, as well as material about reading in the Australian Curriculum. I’m looking forward to reading it. Non members who join now will receive copies of both of these publications.

Contribute to ETA Notes

Do you have something to share with other members? A resource, a story about a great activity or lesson you conducted, info on something you’ve discovered? Submit materials now for inclusion in term 3 ETA Notes, which will be sent to members late in the term. We would love to include more material submitted by our members, so please consider sending us something so we can continue to build the newsletter. I know some schools are doing some great things to celebrate the National Year of Reading, we would love to feature photos or stories about these activities. If you’ve had any great guest speakers, authors, illustrators, or have been running revision programs or competitions, let us know and send in some pictures or stories for inclusion in ETA Notes.  Have you started to implement the Australian Curriculum? Why not share your experience thus far, for the benefit of others? Submissions for this edition appreciated up to the end of week 5. Submissions after this date can be included in the term 4 edition.