The People

ETA Council Executive


Claire Jones

Claire Jones is currently a Research Associate with the University of Western Australia’s School of Social and Cultural Studies, and is undertaking doctorial research in Postnationalism and Australian Literature. This tertiary direction comes after 10 years of classroom teaching in government, Catholic and independent schools in Western Australia and until recently she was Head of English at All Saints’ College. Claire has also been an English examiner and chief marker for the past 3 years, and represented Western Australian teachers in post-compulsory ACARA discussions.

Vice President

Melanie Hindley

Dr Melanie Hindley has taught English in regional and metropolitan Western Australia for more than 25 years in both government and independent sectors. She holds a PHD based on research into curriculum leadership. She is the recipient of the 2001 Institute of Educational Administration Prize, the 2010 Australian Council of Educational Leaders Prize and the 2010 Lawrence McGrath Prize for outstanding research in school leadership. Melanie is currently teaching and coordinating English programmes at Hale School, writes for educational publications and regularly presents at state and national conferences to share and grow her expertise in the teaching of English to young people.


Rod Quin

Rod Quin began his teaching career in 1975 and has worked at eleven different high schools in country and metropolitan Western Australia.  He has also worked as a curriculum writer, consultant, policy officer and senior curriculum officer for the Department of Education, as well as senior education policy adviser to two Ministers for Education. He was Chief Marker of the WACE English examination for six years, has worked as a private education consultant and is author or co-author of thirteen books for teachers and students of English.


Bruce Derby

Bruce is currently Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning) at Mazenod College, having been Head of English for the previous five years. He has worked in public schools and in the Catholic system as well as in the UK. His recent focus has been on technology integration in English through the use of laptop computers and the iPod Touch in the classroom. He is a member of the English Course Advisory Committee and has been a member of the ETA Council since 2010.

Council Members

Bree Hansen

Shenton College

Bree Hansen commenced her teaching career at Shenton College in 2006. Since then she has worked internationally, across the independent and public sector, as a Senior Consultant at the Department of Education Statewide Services and returned to Shenton College as an English teacher in 2013. Her role at Shenton has diversified into Year Leader and Gifted and Talented Education Coordinator. In 2010, she completed a Masters in International Education Policy and has continued to focus on engagement and fostering critical thinking in young people. Bree has coordinated and presented at a number Professional Learning events and currently teaches both English and Literature.

Wendy Cody

Head of English – Carine Senior High School

Wendy has taught mostly English, as well as Literature, Media, Drama and French, since 1976. For three years she was a Department of Education Teacher Development Centre Coordinator supporting English teachers through implementation of the WACE English Course. Wendy began teaching in 1976 and has been at Carine Senior High School – for the third time since the beginning of her career – as Head of English. Wendy is one of the Department of Education representatives on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority English Course Advisory Committee, a long-standing TEE and WACE English examination marker and has co-authored six English textbooks. Wendy was President of ETAWA from 2006 to 2016 and became President of AATE in October 2016.

Susan Lazenby

Susan Lazenby is foundation Head of English at St George’s Anglican Grammar School, the new, innovative school in the heart of Perth’s CBD. As well as teaching English and Literature, Susan has been on the Literature Course Advisory Committee, a member of several examination panels and a TEE and WACE marker. In her career, Susan has taught across a range of schools, both public and private, and been involved in curriculum development, supporting teachers with resources and PD both here and overseas.

Jane Ward

Jane Ward held managerial positions in the business world for ten years before giving it up to study English at Southampton University in the UK. Jane has worked in the public and private sector and worked as a Secondary Generalist in a Middle School before moving to the private sector to teach English and Literature. Jane has marked WACE Literature for several years, has been a Head of English and has undertaken some Post Graduate research into academic and cross-curricular literacy in Secondary education. For 2017, Jane is returning full-time to the classroom at Carmel School and is keen to pursue her academic interests and advocating for all things English with the ETA.

Claire Burton

Shenton College

Claire Burton completed a Master of Teaching at UWA in 2013 and is in her fourth year of teaching at Shenton College. She was involved in the Shenton Teacher Development School (TDS) in 2014-15, focusing on developing programs and assessments for the new WACE English courses, and has presented professional learning on the implementation of the new WACE courses for ETAWA.

Josefine Wang

Atwell College

Josie Wang began her teaching career in 2013 and has worked in both the public and private sector. She moved to Atwell College in 2015 where she is the ATAR coordinator and represents the English department within the PEAC program. Josie has delivered professional development on numerous occasions and is particularly interested in the development of creative writing strategies. Teaching low literacy and extension students, Josie looks for innovative ways to engage learners. Currently, her focus is on integrating Visible Thinking strategies into the classroom to help students better engage by understanding the learning process.

Tony Hughes-d’Aeth

Tony Hughes-d’Aeth is the Chair of English and Literary Studies at the University of Western Australia. He lectures in contemporary literature, film and television, along with Australian literature and has a particular interest in the relationship between literature and the natural environment. He is the author of Like Nothing on this Earth: A Literary History of the Wheatbelt (UWA Publishing, 2017).

Jenny Miraudo

Ruby Jean-Hindley

Lisa Mack

Adam Kealley

Administrative Secretariat Contacts

CASM (Centre for Association Management) are our Administrative Secretariat and are responsible for administration of the Association.

Dave Adams

Dave is the person to contact for information regarding events and publications. He manages bookings for ETAWA professional learning events, including conferences. Dave is also the contact person for the Good Answers books and examinations papers.

Ron Adams

Ron heads the English Teachers Association Secretariat. He organises ETAWA Council and Executive meetings, takes meetings minutes, manages sponsorship, and consults in relation to event organisation.