Life Members

ETAWA has a small group of life members, all of whom were granted life membership as a result of their significant contribution to the teaching of English in Western Australia, and their involvement in the English Teachers Association of Western Australia.

Over time each of our Life Members will have a detailed composition written pertaining to their personal achievements and why they were awarded with Life Membership in the English Teachers Association of Western Australia.

  1. Bob Biggins
  1. Eric Carlin
  1. Peter Gunning
  1. Marnie O’Neill – Professor/EdD Program Course Coordinator, Graduate School of Education, UWA
  1. Peter Forrestal – Freelance wine writer, for numerous publications including; STM, Gourmet Traveller Wine, Qantas Magazine, andMoney Magazine
  1. Brian Wolfenden – English teacher, Melville Senior High School
  1. Gavin Morris – Manager, School Performance, Department of Education
  1. Rod Quin – Head of Department English and the Arts
  1. Karren Philp – Manager, Curriculum Partnerships, Department of Education
  1. Warren Grellier – private consultant. Awarded life membership 2012
  1. Wendy Cody – Head of English Carine SHS
  1. Terry Hogan – Consultant as Life Members
  1. Hugh Rayner – Shenton College