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Dear Members,

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  • Partner Resources
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    o UWA Englishand Literary Studies (coming soon)
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  • Online Professional Learning Community

These are certainly unprecedented times and ETAWA would like to help English teachers in every way we can.
The challenges facing education as COVID-19 begins to impact on our community are numerous and complex. Clearly the school year will not be unfolding as English departments planned at the beginning of Term 1. While the uncertainly surrounding NAPLAN has been resolved, we are still left with questions such ashow we might ensure all our students can access online learning, what the most useful online teaching models might be and how Year 12 students will be assessed at the conclusion of their study. These examples only scratch the surface of the situation and don’t even begin to consider the ‘should schools close’ debate. The council members of ETAWA do understand the challenges being faced, and we are trying to find ways to support you through this moment.
Below you will find some updates on resources, events and online communities. I hope there is something immediately helpful for each of you here. I know it is a large chuck of text, but hopefully it will be comforting to know there is support for this new educational landscape.

ETAWA Online Teaching Resources

At ETAWA we have been considering school closures and have set about curating a collection of our existing resources that can be accessed without membership login. This means if you have a group membership,and the login details haven’t been shared, there is no restriction to your use of these materials. Additionally, students will be able to access the resources: if you set an ETAWA resource as part of an online lesson, you simply need to provide the link and students will be able to access it.

To browse these resources simply click on the Resources Tab.

We will continue to produce more resources in the weeks to come, including some online lectures and podcasts targeted to senior students and the WA curriculum, as well as podcast about digital learning. Remember there is a vast array of online resources targeted to the Australian Curriculum for Years 7 – 10 and you will find a list of recommended sites within the Resources Tab.

Partner Resources

We are lucky to have helpful partnerships at this time and Westerly, UWA and Curtin have all been trying to find ways to help teachers cope with the COVID-19 situation.

Westerly Magazine Teachers Resource

The Westerly and ETAWA partnership takes the shape of online resources to work alongside the Westerly Magazine back catalogue, as well as a discounted institutional membership. These resources have been in production over recent months but a concerted effort has been made in the last week to make sure that they are ready to access. Due to the currently circumstances Westerly have made a number of the resources open to those who don’t have an institutional membership for the next little while (including your students at home). The resourcesare mapped to the WA curriculum at various stages of secondary education. An institutional member does provide greater access, but this is a generous offer to help teachers at this moment in time.

UWA English and Literary Studies – Year 12 Online Units

UWA and ETAWA are partners in The Big Picture project, a research project that examines issues related to English in Western Australia at both secondary and tertiary levels. An aspect of the project has been to produce online resources and professional development units for teachers. In light of the current circumstances, we have decided to redirect planned resources to create online units of students now. The first units will be aimed at Year 12 students and include lectures by the UWA faculty members, as well as guided investigations and tasks, and sample assessments. The first units will be available in time for the beginning of Term 2, and more will be added. Currently units are in development for the following courses and topics;

  • ATAR English – Exploring Form and Perspective: Fyre, Recognising and Writing Voice, Interpretive Storytelling: Self Made, Recording Voices and Perspectives through Podcasts.
  • ATAR Literature – Self Recognition and Sorry by Gail Jones, Australian Poetry through Samuel Wagon Watson, The American Stage with Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams, Reworking Othello (with resources from UWA and Harvard University’s EdX course).
  • General English – Exploring Pop Culture Connections in Self Made, Documenting Experience: The Australian Dream and Adam Goodes, Exploring Humour with Upper Middle Bogan

We will provide a timeline of availability for these courses as soon as possible, as well as access details for the courses for teachers and students.

Curtin University English and Literature Conference

ETAWA has sponsored the Year 12 English and Literature Conference,hosted by Curtin University, for a number of years. The university is yet to make a final decision about the conference for 2020, but we have had some conversations about how Curtin University might be able to provide some revision resources to schools and students if the conference cannot proceed this year. There will be a formal announcement about this as soon as possible.

ETAWA Online Professional Learning Community

Professional Learning Program

Our Professional Learning schedule for this year will be transferred to online delivery. While we were sorry to cancel our Early Career Teachers session last week, there are plenty of resources for Early Career Teachers on our website to assist those new to the profession.
Our next session “Would I Teach It?” will be advertised soon and explore various texts and how we go about selected good texts for the classroom. This will also be the launch of an online reading club for teachers. We hope it might serve as a community for those seeking conversation and connection in these strange times.

ETAWA Facebook Page

Many teachers stay connected through our Facebook page. Already we have seen great sharing of resources, discussion of online strategies and useful moments of humour. We hope this page will continue to be a place for engagement, support and help, and we invite others to share helpful resources and ideas through this space.


I hope to see you soon – either online or when we overcome this challenge.

Stay well. Stay safe.

Best regards,

Claire Jones

ETAWA President