Welcome – Important ETAWA Information

It is with regret that we advise our members and ATAR Literature students that Good Answers: Literature will not be published in 2017.

Problems were encountered due to misunderstandings about access to the electronically scanned Literature scripts and, as a result, an insufficient number of responses were accessed before they were no longer available.We strongly believe that the authenticity of student scripts is the foundation of the publication and substituting numerous responses with model scripts written after the event would have created a misleading and potentially inaccurate representation of the ATAR Literature standard and style.

We were reluctant to make the decision to withdraw Good Answers: Literature as we understand the implications of this decision for teachers and students. The ETAWA is committed to supporting students and teachers of Literature and will therefore compile a revision resource for the ATAR Literature course and examination. This publication will be freely available in PDF form on the ETAWA website at the beginning of Term 3.

We apologise to teachers and students for this situation; however, we felt that the best interests of both teachers and students are being served by the course of action we are taking. We are confident that the same issues will not occur in 2018 now that we are fully aware of the implications of online scripts and look forward to producing the usual high-quality publication next year.

All schools, individuals and organisations which have ordered and pre-paid for copies will be fully refunded.